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Patient Testimonials

Looks like we are loosing a great Chiropractor up here in New Hampshire.

To all of you down in South Carolina, you are gaining a great package!

This is a letter to anyone who may have the opportunity to be a part of the Lanzara's wellness program. ( Chiropractic care )

We are a sad crew up here to have the Lanzara's move away. They are a great family and outstanding providers. We have been going to them for a number of years now and trust the care we receive.

My Son and his family were regular patients there. The Lanzara's would always accommodate them whenever one of the children were in need. Did you know an earache can be spared by an adjustment? Yes indeed. They have a great family focus care and with that I can say our family young and old will be sad to see them gone.

My mother was hurting for over a year and I was able to convince her to visit. She was pleasantly surprised by the nice smile and personality that treated her. Thanks to Dr. Anthony she is a better well adjusted person. Her pain is gone and so are here fears.

Many of my friends were pleasantly surprised by the great care they received as well. The feeling of being somebody important when he walks in to the room is tremendous. That really makes a difference. We all appreciated that he took the time to explain and answer all our questions as well as email us with information if needed.

I could go on with so many positive things to say about our favorite Dr Anthony and his family but time is of the essence so I will end.

Do not hesitate to become a part of the care they provide, you will not be disappointed …..... UNLESS.... they move back up here to New Hampshire.


Debra L. Hastings

Dr. Magic hands (Dr. Lanzara) is the best Chiropractor I have ever been treated by.

My wrists were killing me to the point of interfering with my sleep. I complained to my medical doctor for two years with no solution. Visiting Dr. Lanzara for a neck issue I explained my wrist issues which he immediately adjusted. By the time I drove home my wrists were noticeably feeling better and by the next day the pain was gone. Dr. Magic hands.

Dr. Lanzara treated me for neck, and back issues with great successes.

Now understand this, he also explains exercises I can do at home to help the issue he treats. Never have I ever been to a Chiropractor who explains how to keep the area he adjusted, strong and aligned.

I am sad to of lost Dr. Lanzara to South Carolina but happy for his new patients.

I trust Dr. Magic hands.

Joe Beaurivage

Charlestown NH

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the care you gave to me and to my husband while you were in Claremont NH. I was saddened to see you go but happy for you that you will be closer to family. When I first went to see you my back was really bad, so out of line, I could barely walk. I appreciated that you saw me every day that week including Saturday. Continuing my visits on a monthly basis kept my back and neck in line and made my life so much better. You are both special people that always took so much time and really seemed to care for your patients and we are thankful for that. So many of us are going to miss your care but wish you much success in your new place of business. "

-Pauline Rock, Claremont, NH

"Dr. Anthony and Dr. Stephanie have been our chiropractors and friends for ten years. They are professional, yet genuinely caring about their patients. When our son was born, we stopped at their office on our way home from the hospital to mother and baby adjusted! Their chiropractic care, wellness advice and friendship have meant the world to us! -The Hepworth Family., Bow, Vt.

"Thank you Drs. Lanzara !!! It was a blessing to receive chiropractic care from you for our family the ten years you practiced in Claremont, NH. Our family is unique and you anticipated each of our needs and grew with us as the children went from ages 8 and 10 to 15 and 18. Each of our adjustments helped us with growth spurts, asthma, sports injuries, colds, and hip pain. When our youngest got hit badly in a soccer game the Lanzara's immediately took her in. I, the mother, always could breath better leaving the office. They are caring doctors, easy to talk with, funny, and family oriented. We strongly recommend Drs. Lanzara and miss them all. Love from the Beck Family!!!! " -Jens, Shelia, Jane and Ellen ,Charlestown, NH

I have been a patient of Dr. Anthony’s for many years; first for an acute issue and now for maintenance and continued good health. He has helped me manage multiple health issues with his care so that I may continue to lead a healthy and productive life. I am indebted to him and his family for the years of care. They are missed! -DSCarroll

"Dr. Lanzara has treated me and my family for several years, with excellent results and care for the whole body (nutrition,exercise, rest) he and his wife bring altruistic concern and highly skilled techniques to each patient." - Tony Newton, Cornish NH

" When I heard that Dr. Walsemann was searching for a chiropractor to purchase his business because he was retiring to Alabama, I couldn’t imagine who could replace him. I had been a patient of Walsemann Chiropractic Life Center for nearly forty years. After ten wonderful years under your care, he certainly found the right fit with team Lanzara. We who now are your former patients and friends will surely miss you, but wish you great success in South Carolina." - Bill Murgatory, Lempster NH

"I had the benefit of Anthony caring for my chiropractic needs for 10 years. He gets to know his patients in a personal fashion to complete his understanding of their physical movement needs which helps him guide his regimen for their care. He also gets to know them because he is a very caring person. You and your family will be under excellent care with Anthony and Stephanie. They are good GOD loving people who's only focus is to serve others. Our loss is your gain. Use them and feel better in multiple ways. They are a treasure."- Jerry Cross Claremont, NH

"Good morning Dr's Lanzara,

It has been a pleasure having had the opportunity to know you both during your time here in Claremont NH. Your professional skills and guidance have made our lives better all around and you will both be missed very much. We were fortunate to have had such wonderful people in our lives and in our community.

We wish you continued success, health and happiness in your journey going forward.

Do not hesitate to write or call any time."

-Ken and Joyce, Claremont, NH

"I have known Dr. Lanzara and his wife for over 10 years. I can't begin to say enough good things about them. A caring , professional couple. It has been such a gift to be able to be under their care and have them in my life!" - Mark George, Claremont , NH

"Dr . Lanzara is a wonderful chiropractor and a wonderful person. He has gone out of his way many times for our family by making house calls when we could not get to him.

He has treated us, as well as any of our grown children that happened to be home with kindness and generosity. His philosophy of good, clean living with good nutrition is inspiring . Dr. Lanzara enjoyment of life is contagious and his passion for keeping people healthy in mind and body is paramount to his practice. We are sorry to see him leave...his new patients are very fortunate to have such a committed doctor of chiropractic in their vicinity!"

-Valerie Newton, Cornish, NH

"My name is Mike Quimby,

After two failed back surgeries, with a lot of complications and after going through pain management programs in three different hospitals and suffering for 5 years, not being able to stand up straight, I tried Chiropractic care. I was able to stand up straight in six months. After adjustments I actually felt better. Dr. Anthony and I became good friends. We even went hunting together. I am able to do volunteer work and am able to work part time, doing what I like; light duty maintenance work at a condominium complex. I even ride a motorcycle again. I still get Chiropractic care every two weeks to stay in alignment, along with stretches and exercise, every day and massage therapy once a month all to cut down on muscle spasms. Thanks to Dr. Anthony, I have a manageable life now. Dr. Anthony is the best Chiropractor I know. When you meet him you will know what I’m talking about. My only regret is not meeting him before I had back surgery. If I had, I am sure I would not have had surgery.

Dr. Anthony you are the best and I look forward to seeing you when you visit New Hampshire throughout the year."

Sincerely, Mike - New London, NH

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