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Free Health and Wellness Class!

Enhance your life experience with this hour and a half free class

This class is offered for anyone who wants to change their life and enhance their health no matter who you are! This class is given the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm by Dr. Anthony and is packed with information! It will transform your views and guide you to a more well life! Join us right at our office, bring a friend or loved one, it's free and you'll be glad you came. Those interested must call or sign up at our front desk, space is limited.

Essential Oils Workshop

An introduction to essentials oils and all their benefits.

Join Dr.Stephanie for a wonderfully filled workshop on essential oils and the amazing benefits and uses. From soothing oils to holistic oils, learn, and sample them.This is a free workshop right in our office. Come see how essentials oils can fit your needs and lifestyle. Workshops are offered monthly, call or sign up at our front desk .We look forward to seeing you!

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